Pepper Ann

Pepper Ann

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

"Who's that girl, what's her name?
Is she cool, is she lame?
Oh, you're talkin' 'bout what's-her-name,
Pepper Ann!"

It took place in a wacky suburb, it starred cartoon adolescents, it charted the ups and downs of junior high school, and it aired as part of Disney’s One Saturday Morning block, but Pepper Ann was no Doug clone. In fact, the two stars couldn’t be more different. Unlike her laid-back male counterpart, Pepper Ann was outgoing, headstrong, and a true free spirit. The twelve-year-old redhead knew what she wanted and went after it, cooking up any crazy scheme necessary to get it.

Pepper Ann may have been excitable, but she was by no means a spoiled brat. She was generally well-liked at school, where she usually hung out with best friends Milo (a video game and pizza-loving artist) and Nicky (a straight-A student and calm voice of reason). At home, Pepper Ann lived with her single mother Lydia, melancholy kid sister “Moose,” environmental activist Aunt Janie, policeman Uncle Jo Jo, and cousin Ned.

Pepper Ann’s fellow students included rich and smart Trinket, German boy Dieter Liederhosen, cool kid Craig, popular airhead Cissy, and gossipy twins Tessa and Vanessa. Pepper had no real enemies except Principal Hickey, a tough disciplinarian with zero tolerance for Pepper Ann’s shenanigans. And there were plenty of shenanigans not to tolerate. Pepper Ann had a vivid imagination, which often got the best of her. When trouble reared its head, Pepper’s emotions came out in Ally McBeal-like fantasies (the two shows actually debuted within a week of each other, so nobody stole anyone else’s idea).

One of the original segments of One Saturday Morning, Pepper Ann was a hit with audiences. The spunky star's girl power has kept the show a popular part of ABC's Saturday morning lineup ever since.

Release History

9/13/97 ABC

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Television Cast

Pepper Ann Pearson Kathleen Wilhoite
Nicky Little Clea Lewis
Milo Kamalani Danny Cooksey
Lydia Pearson April Winchell
Margaret Rose 'Moose' Pearson Pamela Segall
Aunt Janie Susan Tolsky
Uncle Jo Jo Tino Insana
Trinket Jenna Von Oy
Nicky's Mum Kath Soucie

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