The Popples

The Popples

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

The Popples was part of the 90-minute cartoon block Kideo TV, which also contained The Get-Along Gang, Ulysses 31, and Rainbow Brite. Based on a series of toys created by American Greeting Cards, these tiny, magical creatures had arms, legs, and heads that, when contracted, looked like little balls of fluff. Their name was derived from the popping sound made when the Popples sprang back to normal body size.

These cute, little, seemingly defenseless characters could actually handle themselves fairly well in a scrape. Equipped with pouches on their backs, the Popples were able to draw out any item necessary to ensure their survival in the human world. Only preteens Bonnie and Billy, whose attic the Popples occupied, knew of their existence.

Whenever the Popples needed more help than their gadgets could give, they asked for assistance from the tykes in the home audience. Soon, an animated child's hand would magically appear, successfully helping the Popples out of their mess.

Release History

1986 - ? syndicated

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

DIC/Those Characters from Cleveland

Television Cast

Party Louise Vallance
Pancake Sharon Noble
Penny Jeannie Elias
Prize Louise Vallance
Puzzle Maurice LaMarche
Puffball Louise Vallance
Punkster Danny Mann
Putter Danny Mann
Potato Chip Donna Christie
Bonnie/Billy Valrie Bromfield

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