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“Gotta catch 'em all!
Gotta catch 'em all!

Every so often a fad comes along that comes to define an entire generation. The groovy children of the 70’s had their pet rocks and Star Wars merchandise, radical 80’s kids had their Pac-Man and Rubik's Cubes. By the late 90's, Mighty Morphin madness had died down to a dull roar, and the cyber-youngsters were ready for the next big thing. Enter Pokémon.

The ubiquitous Pokémon empire has become a global multi-media sensation, showing up everywhere from books to trading cards, cartoons to video games, movies to clothing. Originally debuting as a Japanese video game, Pokémon (short for the Japanese words for "Pocket Monster") quickly went on to become the highest selling title in that country's history. Everywhere the little "pocket monsters" went, success followed. In addition to the video games, the title spawned a series of collectible trading cards, films, toys, T-shirts, and a hit television cartoon.

TV's Pokémon chronicled the adventures of Ash, a ten year-old resident of Pallet Town, who aspired to be the greatest Pokémon trainer in the universe. The Pokémon themselves were animals, creatures, and monsters of various size, strength, and species, all designed to fight other Pokémon. Though their vocabularies were limited to their own names ("Charmander!," "Jigglypuff!," "Bulbasaur!," "Squirtle!"), each Pokémon had a special attack that came in handy in head-to-head matchups. After each battle, the victorious Pokémon trainer won the rights to the defeated Pokémon. The winning Pokémon also became more powerful, and with enough victories the creature could transform into a stronger form.

Ash's very own Pokémon and closest friend was an apple-cheeked electric fuzzball named Pikachu, who, along with Ash’s friends Misty and Brock, tried to help Ash realize his goal of collecting every Pokémon in the world (over 150 to date). Serving as Ash’s mentor was the absent-minded Professor Oak, Pallet Town’s resident Pokémon expert and the person who gave Pikachu to Ash.

Ash faced some stiff competition from Professor Oak’s grandson, Gary, a self-centered, extremely driven Pokémon trainer who also aspired to be the best in the world. The boy hero also has his hands full with a gang of villains who called themselves Team Rocket. Consisting of James, Jesse, and a talking Pokémon named Meowth (who actually could say more than "Meowth"), Team Rocket constantly schemed to defeat Ash, whether by fair or foul play.

Ash’s gang had run-ins with other enemies as well, like Butch and Cassidy, and a fearsome flying flock called the Spearows. Each episode found Ash and company doing battle with these opponents as they tried to win as many Pokémon as they could.

The animated Pokémon proved to be an even hotter commodity than the video game that inspired it, dominating the kids' TV ratings and helping launch the extremely successful Pokémon the First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back in 1999. It continues to be a Saturday morning and weekday powerhouse, and Pokémania shows no signs of slowing down.

Release History

1998 - ? WB

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Warner Bros.

Television Cast

Ash Ketchum Veronica Taylor
Pikachu Ikue Ohtani
Pikachu Rachel Lillis
Professor Abraham Oak Stan Hart
Misty Williams Rachel Lillis
Jessie Rachel Lillis
James Morgan Ted Lewis
James Morgan Eric Stuart
Erika Mandy Bonhomme
Brock Eric Stuart
Giovanni Ted Lewis
Mrs. Ketchum Veronica Taylor
Nurse Joy Megan Hollingshead
Officer Jenny Megan Hollingshead
Aerodactyl Eric Stuart
Chansey Rachel Lillis
Charizard Eric Stuart
Flint Ted Lewis
Goldeen..Rachel Lillis  
Growlithe Adam Blaustein
Horsea Rachel Lillis
Jigglypuff Rachel Lillis
Meowth Adam Blaustein
Pidgeotto Megumi Hayashibara
Squirtle Eric Stuart

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