Pryor's Place

Pryor's Place

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Imagine the childhood of comedian Richard Pryor, only without the burgeoning swear word vocabulary, and you've got Pryor's Place.

Set on a street corner modeled after the neighborhood where Pryor grew up, this Sid and Marty Krofft-produced show featured Little Richie—a child version of the comedian—while the elder Pryor played himself and a bevy of other characters. Inevitably, Krofft puppets were also featured members of the cast.

Each episode showed Pryor telling anecdotal stories about his childhood to the neighborhood kids, and each story would then set the theme for the rest of the episode's sketches.

Prior to this series, Richard Pryor had been a very successful comedian, writer, and movie actor. He co-wrote Mel Brooks' Blazing Saddles and starred in movies like Stir Crazy and Silver Streak, often teaming with comedic actor Gene Wilder, but the funnyman decided to take a break from his more adult-oriented humor for this peek into his own childhood.

FYI: Ray "Ghostbusters" Parker Jr. sang the show's theme song.

Release History

9/22/84 - 6/15/85 CBS

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Television Cast

Richard Pryor Richard Pryor
Little Richie Akili Prince
Wally Cliffy Magee
Freddy Danny Nucci
Allen Tony Cox
Meatrack Keland Love
Krofft Puppets Themselves

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