Prince Planet

Prince Planet

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Another Japanese import, Prince Planet followed the adventures of a young man who came to earth from the pacifist planet Radion. He came to invite the earthlings to become members of Universal Peace Corps, but before that could happen, all war-lovers and criminals had to be removed from the planet.
The Galactic Council of Planets named the Prince as their delegate because he was endowed with special powers, advanced intelligence and a heightened sense of right and wrong. With the help of a pendant around his neck, the Prince was able to absorb atomic energy that gave him super-strength and the ability to fly.

The young hero crash-landed in the Southwest and was rescued by Diana Worthy, whose family had made a fortune in the oil business. Concealing his identity by using the name Bobby, Prince Planet moved to New Metropolis in order to better fight the minions of injustice.

Prince Planet was a unique hero due to the fact that he refused to use violence to defeat his foes; instead the young champion used speed and strategy to make his enemies beat themselves. Sometimes he enlisted the aid of Haja Baba and Dynamo, two fellow Peace Corps members.

Prince Planet, which was animated in black and white, was well received in America, but was eventually pushed aside by newer cartoons produced in color.

Release History

1966 syndicated

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TV Studio

TCJ, American-International

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