Popeye and Son

Popeye and Son

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Olive Oyl finally became Mrs. Popeye in this 80's version of the Popeye classic cartoon. CBS brought back the mumbling marine and the love of his life one more time in 1986 for the short-lived Popeye and Son. Popeye and Olive had gotten married, bought a house, and raised a young son named Popeye Jr., all without aging a day.

Popeye Jr. was a nine year-old version of his pop, except for one crucial difference. Little Popeye did not care for spinach. Nevertheless, he had his own nemesis in the form of Bluto's son, Tank. Bluto, despite being a class-A brute, had managed to marry a girl named Lizzie.

As you can imagine, Popeye Jr. and Tank were often at odds, but instead of getting their aggressions out with an anvil or something equally effective, the elder Popeye would intervene and teach his son how to solve his problems without fighting. My, how times had changed.

Release History

9/19/87 - 9/3/88 CBS

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TV Studio

Hanna-Barbera, King Features Syndicate

Television Cast

Popeye Maurice LaMarche
Popeye Jr.* Josh Rodine
Olive Oyl Marilyn Schreffler
Lizzie Marilyn Schreffler
Puggy .Marilyn Schreffler
Bluto Allan Melvin
Tank David Markus
Wimpy Allan Melvin
Woody Penina Segall
Dee Dee Kaleena Kiff
Eugene the Jeep Don Messick

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