The Pink Panther and Sons

The Pink Panther and Sons

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

In 1986, Hanna-Barbera acquired the rights to cartoon legend The Pink Panther. The animation studio wanted to bring the fuscia feline back to Saturday mornings, but they needed a hook, something new and inventive... so they gave him three sons.

Pink Panther and Sons,however, bore little resemblance to the original Panther cartoons. Most episodes centered on the three younger cats: Pinky, the teenager; Panky, a kid; and Punkin, the toddler. The Pink Panther himself remained mute, and his role in the series amounted to little more than providing reactions to his sons.

Unlike The Flintstone Kids, this smaller, cuter version did not equal success for too long, as Pink Panther and Sons was cancelled after one season.

Release History

9/15/84 - 9/6/86 NBC/ABC

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TV Studio


Television Cast

Pinky Billy Bowles
Panky B.J. Ward
Punkin B.J. Ward
Chatta Sherry Lynn
Howl Marshall Efron
Anney Jeannie Elias
Liona Jeannie Elias
Finko Frank Welker
Rocko Frank Welker
Bowlhead Gregg Berger
Buckethead Sonny Melendrez
Murfel Shane McCabe

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