The Pac-Man/Little Rascals/Richie Rich Show

The Pac-Man/Little Rascals/Richie Rich Show

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Seized with a serious case of Pac-Man Fever in 1982, ABC released two (count ‘em, two!) series feat+uring that omnivorous—and at that time omnipresent—yellow orb of video game fame. The Pac-Man/Little Rascals/Richie Rich Show aired immediately before Pac-Man in the network’s Saturday morning lineup.

Pac’s video game wife, Ms. Pac-Man, joined the series, along with newly-created Baby-Pac and pets Chomp Chomp the dog and Sour Puss the cat. The Pac-family lived in the Power Forest, where nourishing Power Wafers were abundant. Unfortunately, the evil Mezmaron coveted the wafers and sent his goons—Inky, Blinky, Pinky, Sue and Clyde—after them. But after munching a Power Wafer, Pac could chomp the ghosts, leaving them a powerless set of disembodied eyes, at least until they could get a new sheet from Mezmaron.

In a case of game imitates art imitates game, the video game-inspired series spawned its own video game, Pac-Land, in 1984.

The Little Rascals starred the popular characters from Hal Roach’s Our Gang movie shorts of the 1930’s. Everyone from Spanky to Buckwheat to Pete the dog (now a puppy) was animated for this show.

Richie Rich, a Harvey Comics character since the 1960’s, had already been on the air two years as half of The Richie Rich/Scooby-Doo Show. This “Richest Kid in the World” went on globe-trotting adventures with his faithful dog Dollar, buddy Freckles, girl pal Gloria, butler Cadbury, and robotic maid Irona.

The three shows parted ways after one season. Pac-Man joined another 80’s fad for the Pac-Man/Rubik the Amazing Cube Hour, while Pac’s old showmates stuck together for The Little Rascals/Richie Rich Show. The latter properties proved to be more durable, with live-action films of both The Little Rascals and Richie Rich released in the early 90’s.

Release History

9/5/82 - 9/3/83 ABC

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TV Studio


Television Cast

Pac-Man Marty Ingels
Ms. Pepper Pac-Man Barbara Minkus
Baby Pac Russi Taylor
Chomp Chomp Frank Welker
Sour Puss Peter Cullen
Mezmaron Alan Lurie
Blinky Chuck McCann
Pinky Chuck McCann
Inky Bary Gordon
Clyde Neilson Ross
Sue Susan Silo
Super-Pac Lorenzo Music
Pac-Jr.* Daryl Hickman
Richie Rich Sparky Marcus
Freckles Christian Hoff
Gloria Nancy Cartwright
Mr. Rich Stan Jones
Cadbury the Butler Stan Jones
Mrs. Rich Joan Gerber
Irona the Maid Joan Gerber
Professor Keenbean Bill Callaway
Dollar Frank Welker
Alfalfa Julie Dees
Porky Julie Dees
Woim Julie Dees
Spanky Scott Menville
Darla Patty Maloney
Butch B.J. Ward
Waldo B.J. Ward
Buckwheat Shavar Ross
Pete the Pup Peter Cullen
Officer Ed Peter Cullen

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