The Peter Potamus Show

The Peter Potamus Show

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Peter Potamus was a friendly purple hippo who traveled through time in a balloon with his companion, a monkey named So-So. By using their time compass, Peter and So-So could travel to the distant past of caveman days or to more recent colonial times. Like many time travelers, Peter and So-So were forced to rectify any detours along the recorded course of history. This gave kids the opportunity to learn about history while they watched, much like The U.S. of Archie or Peabody and Sherman from The Bulwinkle Show.

Segments of Breezly and Sneezly accompanied the hippo's adventures. These were tales of Breezly the polar bear and his pal, Sneezly the seal, who always seemed to have a scheme to usurp the home and possessions of Col. Fusby, an arctic explorer.

The third segment of the show starred Yippee, Yappee, and Yahooey, three musketeer-like dogs who stumbled their way through adventures while serving their King.

After two years in syndication, The Peter Potamus Show was picked up by ABC for one season.

Peter Potamus, like Magilla Gorilla before him, never achieved the lasting fame of some of his Hanna-Barbera cartoon contemporaries, mainly because his show was a little “out there” in terms of story and characters. What the show lacked in familiarity it made up for in originality, and while Peter will never be as well known as Yogi Bear or Huckleberry Hound, he will be remembered fondly by those lucky enough to enjoy his travels.

Release History

1/2/66 - 1/24/67 syndicated/ABC
Syndicated: 1964

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TV Studio


Television Cast

Peter Potamus Daws Butler
Yahooey Daws Butler
So-So Don Messick
Breezly Howard Morris
Sneezly Mel Blanc
Col. Fusby John Stephenson
Yappee Hal Smith
The King Hal Smith
Yippee Doug Young

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