Piggsburg Pigs!

Piggsburg Pigs!

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

An all-pig extravaganza!!! Okay, so it didn’t exactly set the world on fire, but at least Piggsburg Pigs! had a cute premise.

Located behind the world’s largest pig farm, the city of Piggsburg was a swine-only habitat. Here, the Bacon Brothers—Bo, Portley, and Pighead—fought the evil plans of Rembrandt Proupork. Other pig buddies included Prissy, Dotty, Piggy, Pokey, and Proud Pork. When not fighting off Proupork’s plots, the boys unwound at nearby Newpork Beach. Needless to say, Piggsburg Pigs! was a comedy, and porcine puns were often the humor of choice.

No amount of pork jokes, however, could stave off the mighty power of the pigs’ Saturday morning competitors, CBS’ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The 13 Piggsburg Pigs! episodes went in and out of Fox’s lineup, shuffling out to make room for the animated Swamp Thing mini-series before returning to finish off the show’s first and only season.

Release History

9/13/90 - 8/31/91 Fox

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Ruby-Spears, Fred Silverman, Sy Fischer, Fox Children's Productions

Television Cast

Prissy Tara Charendoff
Dotty Tara Charendoff
Voices Harvey Atkin
Voices Robert Bockstael
Voices Robert Cait
Voices Len Carlson
Voices Don Francks
Voices Catherine Gallant
Voices Rex Hagon
Voices Elizabeth Hanna
Voices Dan Hennessey
Voices David Hubbard
Voices Keith Knight
Voices Gordon Masten
Voices Jonathan Potts
Voices Susan Roman
Voices Ron Rubin
Voices Norman Spencer
Voices Greg Spottiswood
Voices Allen Stewart-Coates
Voices John Stocker
Voices Peter Wildman

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