Casio Calculator Watch

Back in 1980 cutting edge technology included the cool C-80 Casio Calculator Watch.

Funnily enough retro watches are making a dramatic comeback, so before you start laughing on how awful these watches looked, take another look down the high street as these are selling fast!

Casio Calculator Watch

Casio Calculator Watch from the 1980s


Most of the reproduction retro watches range from £50 – £100. It is said that a retro watch is a good investment, and an excellent fashion statement. It will certainly turn peoples heads and start conversations. Almost all outfits can be complimented with a retro calculator watch or the LCD watches.

But talking seriously about these items in there day they were viewed as everything you could ever need. A watch, a stop-watch, a fashion statement, an alarm clock and of course a calculator.

Did you have a watch like this or one even worse? we would love to hear about it.

3 thoughts on “Casio Calculator Watch

  1. I had three different calculator watches. The Casio with the rubber buttons (similar to the one pictured above), one with a smooth button pad, and the databank watch that held contact information. What fun they were.

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