Camel Hair Coats

Del boy was famous for his Camel hair coats and this really did provide a serious fashion statement in its day.

Camel Hair Coats from the Eighties

1980s Camel Hair Coats

These coats are classic fashion looks. Camel hair coats are available in many neutral colors. They aren’t usually dyed, but are the natural colors of the camels’ hair which ranges from light, reddish-brown to black. Golden tan is the classic color of a camel hair coat, but there are shades to compliment every person’s skin tone.


Camel Hair Coats Quite a Process!

Much like getting wool from sheep, the camel need not be killed to get its hair. Camels shed, or molt, each spring. Each camel sheds about 5 pounds of hair every spring and this shedding, or molting, takes up to a few months to complete. It is then cleaned before being spun to be knitted or woven into cloth.

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