Ramar of the Jungle

Ramar of the Jungle

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

A medicine man and a man of action, Ramar of the Jungle brought reason and order to the darkest reaches of Africa and India (filmed on location in the USA). The title character was actually named Dr. Tom Reynolds, but the natives had affectionately dubbed him “Ramar,” which meant “Great White Doctor.” Together with sidekick Professor Howard Ogden and an assortment of exotic guides, Dr. Reynolds set up shop in a grass hut, dispensing medicine, advice and frequent doses of rough and tumble action.

In the show’s first season, Ramar and company performed their good deeds in the heart of Kenya. Along with the usual sicknesses and disease, the doctor had his hands full with witch doctors, treasure hunters, smugglers and many dangerous wildlife. Most of the exotic animals were seen on stock film clips, but when the script called for a man-on-beast wrestling match, real lions and tigers were brought in (tamed and trained, of course).

The show’s second and final season took Dr. Reynolds and Professor Ogden to India, where they gained a new guide named Zahir (they had previously relied on the services of Charlie, who kept a bird named Walter, and Willy, who had a monkey named Babette). The doctor’s thrill-packed work continued as always, trying to cure jungle ills while simultaneously squelching the locals’ plans for a human sacrifice, and so on.

Ramar of the Jungle ended its run after two seasons and 52 episodes, but this was in no way due to poor ratings. The show was a colossal hit in syndication, and Ramar merchandise flew off store shelves across the country. Tom Hall, who played Ramar and had co-created the series, simply decided to move on. No new shows were filmed, but old episodes were cut together into four feature films—Eyes of the Jungle, White Goddess, Phantom of the Jungle and Thunder Over Sangoland—helping keep the doctor’s fame alive long after he left the jungle.

Release History

Syndicated: 1952

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Arrow Productions

Television Cast

Dr. Tom Reynolds (Ramar) Jon Hall
Professor Howard Ogden Ray Montgomery
Charlie James Fairfax
Willy Nick Stewart
Zahir Victor Millan
Unknown M'Lisa McClure
Unknown Woody Strode

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