Rick Moranis in Gravedale High

Rick Moranis in Gravedale High

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

“Oh, the school bells are ringing, now it’s time to begin…”

Hot off the smash hit film Honey I Shrunk the Kids, former SCTV funnyman, McKenzie brother, and Ghostbusters geek Rick Moranis got the cartoon treatment (and top billing) in Hanna-Barbera’s Rick Moranis in Gravedale High. As teacher Max Schneider, Moranis presided over a group of ghoulish high schoolers that made the troubled teens of Stand and Deliver and Dangerous Minds look like choirboys.

Built inside an old cemetery, Gravedale High housed a motley crew of teenage monsters. Hanging out at the school’s coffin lockers were resident vampire and all-around cool dude Vinnie Stoker, mischievous Frankentyke, werewolf Reggie Moonshroud, ghost J.P. Ghastly the III, lagoon creature Gill Waterman, tubby mummy Cleofatra, invisible Sid, undead Southern belle Blanche, and the snake-headed material girl Duzer. The geeky, bespectacled Mr. Schneider had his hands full, but he had Gravedale’s spooky staff to help out—headmistress Ms. Crone, Coach Cadaver, Mr. Tutner, and others.

In addition to Moranis, the talented voice cast included Jonathan Winters, Tim Curry, Eileen Brennan, and talk show host Ricki Lake. Alas, this star treatment wasn’t enough to keep Rick Moranis in Gravedale High from shutting down its spooky shenanigans after a single season.

“Gravedale High,
Please take a seat, yeah,
We’re dyin’ to meet ya…”

Release History

9/8/90 - 9/7/91 NBC

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TV Studio


Television Cast

Max Schneider Rick Moranis
Vinnie Stoker Roger Rose
Reggie Moonshroud Barry Gordon
Duzer Kimmy Robertson
Frankentyke Frank Welker
J.P. Ghastly III Frank Welker
Gill Waterman Jackie Earl Haley
Cleofatra Ricki Lake
Sid..Maurice LaMarche 
Blanche Shari Belafonte
Miss Dirge Eileen Brennan
Miss Webner Sandra Gould
Boneyard Brock Peters
Mr. Tutner Tim Curry
Coach Cadaver Jonathan Winters
Ms. Crone Georgia Brown

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