Roman Holidays

Roman Holidays

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Reliable cartoon giants Hanna-Barbera struck oil when they launched The Flintstones, a successful look at “modern-day” life in the prehistoric past. They struck titanium a few years later with The Jetsons, a successful look at “modern-day” life in the future. For their third outing, they chose Ancient Rome as their setting. This time, they simply struck out.

Roman Holidays was indeed a look at “modern-day” life circa 63 A.D., seen through the eyes of Gus Holiday and his family. In the half-hour animated show, Gus, his wife Laurie, their daughter Precocia, and son Happius resided in the Venus De Milo Arms, where their landlord was Mr. Evictus (voiced by Dom DeLuise).

Gus worked for a bossy supervisor named Mr. Tycoonius at the Forum Construction Company, and after a hard day's marble lifting, he would be greeted by the Holidays’ pet, a lion named Brutus.

Besides the aforementioned Mr. DeLuise, the show boasted a talented cast, including Barry Livingston (My Three Sons), Pam Ferdin (Space Academy, Lassie, Curiosity Shop), Judy Strangis (Electra Woman and Dyna Girl), as well as veteran H-B voice artists Daws Butler and Janet Waldo.

Never quite as popular as either of its animated predecessors, the fondly remembered Roman Holidays only lasted thirteen episodes before being thrown to the lions.

Release History

9/9/72 - 9/1/73 NBC

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TV Studio


Television Cast

Gus Holiday Dave Willock
Laurie Holiday Shirley Mitchell
Precocia Holiday Pam Ferdin
Happius Holiday Stanley Livingston
Mr. Evictus Dom DeLuise
Mr.Tycoonius Hal Smith
Herman Hal Peary
Henrietta Janet Waldo
Groovia Judy Strangis
Brutus Daws Butler

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