Rubik the Amazing Cube

Rubik the Amazing Cube

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Premiering as the second half of The Pac-Man/Rubik the Amazing Cube Hour, Rubik was based on the omnipresent toy/puzzle of the '80's, the Rubik's Cube. In the show, Rubik was the friend of the three socially-conscious Rodriguez children—Reynaldo, Lisa, and Carlos. Each week, the three sibs tried to improve the standards of living in their neighborhood, with the help of their cubed companion.

When out of alignment, Rubik was just like any other inanimate object, but when all six sides were manipulated to form one solid color each (also the objective of the toy), Rubik could talk, fly, alter his shape, and cast magic rays (Note: the toy did none of these things, but it did have the power to produce swear words from frustrated users).

Ron Palillo, who was Arnold Horshack on Welcome Back, Kotter, provided the voice of Rubik. To make him sound more oddly cube-like, the producers decided to speed up his voice electronically. No such treatment was necessary, however, for those prepubescent dreamboats in Menudo, who sang the opening theme and performed regular music videos during Rubik's half-hour.

The Pac-Man/Rubik the Amazing Cube Hour ran for only one season, but the Rubik half-hours showed up in reruns on ABC's Saturday morning schedule in 1985.

Release History

9/10/83 - 8/31/85 ABC

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Television Cast

Rubik the Amazing Cube Ron Palillo
Carols Rodriguez Michael Saucedo
Reynaldo Rodriguez Michael Bell
Ruby Rodriguez Michael Bell
Lisa Rodriguez Jennifer Fajardo
Marla Rodriguez Angela Moya

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