Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

The history of Robotech is as complex as it is astonishing. Animation expert and cel dealer Carl Macek was disappointed by the American version of Battle of the Planets and wanted to bring a more traditional Japanese cartoon to American TV. Macek adapted three popular Japanese cartoons—Macross, Southern Cross and Genesis Climber Mospeada—into one storyline divided into three “books.”

The through-line of the three books concentrated on a technology that allowed the creation of robotic armies that could be used to fight battles in outer space, thus the name Robotech.

Book One began when a Super Dimensional Fortress (the SDF-1) crash-landed on Earth's Macross Island. This vehicle, designed solely for fighting and winning wars, was in danger of being captured and used by the evil Zentraedi army, who desperately needed the Fortess' stores of a secret fuel called "protoculture." As this story continued, the viewers were shown the daily lives of Robotech Expeditionary Force officers Rick & Roy Hunter and Lisa Hayes. Sometimes playing like a soap opera, Book One gave detailed accounts of these characters' love lives set against the backdrop of the impending invasion.

Book Two was set twenty years after the first saga and concentrated on the exploits of Dana Sterling, an officer of the Armies of the Southern Cross who was in charge of preventing any future earth invasions. It was explained that Dana was the daughter of Max & Miriya Sterling, who were featured in the first portion of the series.

In Book Three, things got considerably darker. The entire Expeditionary Force had been killed, with the exception of Scott Bernard and a few of his followers. While alien forces rampaged the earth, characters still managed to concern themselves with their own love lives and the personal relationships of others.

Unlike traditional American cartoons, Robotech had very few rules, and the show delighted in breaking any rules it found. Main characters were killed off frequently, and many episodes contained such taboo topics as sex and cross-dressing, causing Robotech to achieve a cult status never seen before or since.

Even though Robotech was not widely seen in America, it still is considered a groundbreaking series, and many fans of the show have gone on to achieve success of their own in the world of animation.

Release History

Syndicated: 1985

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Tatsunoko/Harmony Gold

Television Cast

Admiral Hayes Mearle Pearson
Alan Fredericks Gregory Snegoff
Anatole Leonard Greg Finley
Angelo Dante Steve Kramer
Annie Mary Cobb
Azonia Alexandra Kenworthy
Ben Dixon Richard Epcar
Bowie Grant Larry Abraham
Claudia Grant Iona Morris
Dana Sterling Melissa Newman
Dennis Brown Frank Catalano
Dolza Mike Reynolds
Exedore Ted Layman
Grel Richard Epcar
Henry Gloval Greg Finley
Khyron Gregory Snegoff
Kim Young Lara Cody
Jason Lara Cody
Jonathan Tom Wyner
Lancer Cam Clarke
Lisa Hayes Melanie McQueen
Louie Nichols David Millbern
Lunk Richard Epcar
Lynn Kyle Eddie Frierson
Lynn Minmei Rebecca Forstadt
Marie Crystal Barbara Goodson
Marlene Melanie McQueen
Maximillian Sterling Cam Clarke
Miriya Edie Mirman
Musica Melora Harte
Nova Satori Edie Mirman
Rand Frank Catalano
Regis Alexandra Kenworthy
Rick Hunter Tony Oliver
Rico Robert Axelrod
Robotech Masters Bill Capeze
Rolf Emerson Michael McConnohie
Rook Susie London
Roy Fokker Dan Woren
Scott Bernard Gregory Snegoff
Sean Phillips Kerrigan Mahan
Sera Barbara Goodson
Vanessa Leeds Wendee Lee
Wolff Tom Wyner
Zor Prime Ardwight Chamberlain

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