Rootie Kazootie

Rootie Kazootie

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Rootie Tootie played the Kazootie. His friend Polka Dottie was a puppet cutie. And before this degenerates into rhymes involving the word "bootie," here's the rest of the story:

This puppet show became an instant success when it first aired in 1950. Beginning with its bouncy theme song “Who is the boy who is full of zip and joy? He’s Rootie Kazootie,” the show kept up a musical momentum with songs from human host "Big" Todd Russell, who would croon duets with Rootie or Dottie before cutting to commercial break.

When not singing, the puppets and Russell would appear in skits and a segment called “Quiz-A-Rootie”, where children from the studio audience could participate and win prizes. Joining the others in the game was Mr. Dootle, a mute and foolish policeman. Rootie had a dog named Little Nipper and a mortal enemy in the form of vaudevillian villain Poison Zoomack.

Rootie’s last name was later changed from Tootie to Kazootie because of possible litigation from Tootsie Roll, while the dog's name was changed from Nipper to Gala Poochie Pup when RCA stopped advertising on the show.

Release History

12/9/50 - 11/1/52 NBC
12/22/52 - 5/7/54 ABC

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TV Studio


Television Cast

Himself Todd Russell
Rootie Tootie/Kazootie Naomi Lewis
El Squeeko Naomi Lewis
Polka Dottie Naomi Lewis
Poison Zoomack Frank Milano
Little Nipper/Gala Poochie Pup Frank Milano
Mr. Deetle Dootle (1951) John Schoeopperle
Mr. Deetle Dootle (1952-53) John Vee

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