Rainbow Brite

Rainbow Brite

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Originally created by Hallmark in 1983, Rainbow Brite was a cheerful little girl whose purpose was to restore color to a gray world. Using her magical rainbow belt and rainbow crystals, Rainbow would color the world each week, despite the attempts by Murky Dismal and his henchman Lurky to keep it gray.

Accompanying Rainbow at all times was her flying horse, Starlight, and her petlike "sprite" Twink. The sprites were a furry race of creatures who worked in a color mine and produced Rainbow's beloved color crystals.

The sprites—Twink, IQ, Lucky, Romeo, OJ, Spark, Hammy, and Champ—were each a different color, and varied in personality according to their names.
Rainbow had her share of human-like helpers, too. There was Shy Violet, a bookworm who excelled at inventing useful things in Color Castle; Patty O’Green, Rainbow's best friend and a true cartoon environmentalist; Red Butler, the over-ambitious but still lovable kid; La La Orange, the French prankster; Canary Yellow and Indigo, the sweet little girls; and Buddy Blue, the athlete of the group.

The show formed a part of the 90-minute cartoon block series known as Kideo TV, sharing airtime with fellow cuties The Get-Along Gang and The Popples.

Release History

1985 syndicated

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Television Cast

Rainbow Brite Bettina
Shy Violet Robbie Lee
Patty O'Green Mona Marshall
Red Butler Mona Marshall
Lala Orange Robbie Lee
Canary Yellow Mona Marshall
Indigo Robbie Lee
Buddy Blue Pat Fraley
Sprites Robbie Lee
Murky Peter Cullen
Lurky Pat Fraley

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