Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

From the co-creators of Rugrats came this look at the most dangerous battleground of preadolescence… Recess. In this One Saturday Morning series, six fourth graders banded together against all potential enemies—teachers, tough kids, and sixth graders.

T.J. was the group’s unofficial leader, an outgoing kid with his hat on backwards. Tall kid Vince was the athlete, Gretchen was the gangly genius, Mikey was the soft-hearted big fella, Gus was the picked-on pessimist, and Spinelli (DON’T call her “Ashley”) was the scrappy tomboy. They were a motley crew, but they were always loyal to each other in a pinch.

The other playground residents (combatants?) included Upside-Down Girl (always on the monkey bars), Swing Girl (you guessed it), playground idol King Bob, popularity queens The Ashleys, and The Diggers, twins who had an entire system of tunnels beneath the playground. From her supervisor’s post, Miss Finster kept a disapproving eye on the kids’ shenanigans.

Along with Pepper Ann and Brand Spanking New Doug, Recess was one of One Saturday Morning’s founding members. The show has remained in the lineup ever since, even spawning a 2001 feature film, Recess: School's Out.

Release History

9/13/97 ABC

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TV Studio


Television Cast

T.J. Detweiller Ross Malinger
T.J. Detweiller Andrew Lawrence
Vince La Salle Rickey D'Shon Collins
Mikey Blumberg Jason Davis
Gretchen Grundler Ashley Johnson
Gus Griswald Courtland Mead
Ashley Spinelli Pamela Segall
Ashley B.* Francesca Smith
Miss Alordayne Grotkey Allyce Beasley
Miss Muriel Finster April Winchell
Principal Peter Prickley Dabney Coleman

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