Rocky Jones, Space Ranger

Rocky Jones, Space Ranger

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Rocky Jones, Space Ranger followed the adventures of the crew of the space ship Orbit Jet as they traveled through the vast outreaches of space, bringing law and justice to all who needed it.

Rocky Jones was the experienced, baseball-cap wearing leader of the Orbit Jet. But despite being from the 22nd century, Rocky was more like a Boy Scout leader than a space ranger.

Other crew members who helped Rocky patrol the solar systems were Bobby, the young Ranger-in-training; Vena Ray, Rocky's navigator and designated damsel in distress; and Professor Newton, who created inventions that helped Rocky and his friends escape life-threatening situations.

Rocky Jones, Space Ranger was one of the only shows produced in the 1950's that was filmed instead of taped live. Because of this, the series had better quality sets and special effects than other shows that were filmed before an audience. Surprisingly, series creator Roland Reed filmed episodes for approximately $8000 each, despite the high amount of special effects featured on the show.

Only thirty-nine episodes of Rocky Jones, Space Ranger were shot in all, and each storyline lasted for three episodes. The series was later re-packaged into a series of movies that were released 1953 and 1954 and are still available today.

Release History

1/20/54  - 4/17/54 NBC

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TV Studio

Roach Studios

Television Cast

Rocky Jones Richard Crane
Winky Scott Beckett
Vena Ray Sally Mansfield
Bobby Robert Lyden
Professor Newton Maurice Cass
Secretary Drake Charles Meredith
Professor Mayberry Reginald Sheffield
Biffen 'Biff' Cardoza Jimmy Lydon
Cleolanta Patsy Parsons
Yarra Dian Fauntelle
Volaca Patsy Iaonne
Juliandra Ann Robinson
Unknown Crystal Reeves
Unknown Ralph Brooks
Unknown Robert S. Carson

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