Run, Joe, Run

Run, Joe, Run

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

“Wanted: male German Shepherd, black and tan, answers to the name of Joe. Accused of attacking his trainer, Sgt. Will Corey - a crime he did not commit.”

And so began the live action adventure Run, Joe, Run, a canine version of The Fugitive. In Joe’s case, the heinous crime was attacking his master, Sergeant William Corey, a crime for which the German Shepherd would surely be put to sleep as punishment. Not willing to face his undeserved fate, Joe went AWOL from his training (he was training to be in the army’s K-9 Corps) and ran away.

Doggedly pursuing the fugitive canine was Sgt. Corey himself, who actually believed Joe's innocence and wanted to find him before the authorities did. His sense of moral decency intact despite the false charges, Joe always found time each episode to help someone in danger. And unlike The A-Team, Joe didn't even pretend to want money for his services.

Sgt. Corey didn’t return for a second season, so the producers had Joe meet up with a young hiker named Josh McCoy, who joined Joe on his various adventures. The new "boy and his falsely accused dog" pairing lasted for one more season.

Release History

9/7/74 - 9/4/76 NBC

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TV Studio

William P. D'Angelo Productions

Television Cast

Joe Heinrich of Midvale
Sgt. William Corey Arch Whiting
Josh McCoy Chad States
Narrator Paul Frees

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