Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

“Waynehead, Waynehead,
The party’s jut begun.
Waynehead, Waynehead,
The 411 for fun…”

Inspired by the childhood of film/TV actor Damon Wayans, Waynehead proved that physical and financial challenges were no match for a healthy imagination and a smooth attitude. Damey Wayne was the star’s 10-year-old alter ego, complete with a few autobiographical touches: Both Damon and Damey were born with a “club” foot, which slowed down their bodies but had no effect on their highly creative minds. The “Waynehead” nickname was another true-life note, given to Damey and his brothers because of their home-sheared hairdos.

In the cartoon, Damey and family lived in lower Manhattan, where the boy went through the usual ups and downs of childhood. The lack of money in the Wayne household made for a few extra challenges, but Damey compensated, as always, with creativity. If he wanted a toy, he built one from the neighborhood junk. The boy also honed his mechanical skills by taking apart anything he could get his hands on, though putting it back together was another matter. Through it all, Damey’s family and friends—Monique, Shavonne, Toof, Blue, three-legged dog Tripod and others—always stuck together.

The cartoon was a family affair all around, with Wayans siblings Kim, Shawn and Marlon all providing voices. With its warm humor and message of accepting those who are different, Waynehead earned high praise, but it wasn’t enough to save the show from cancellation after a single season.

Release History

10/19/96 - 9/6/97 WB

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Warner Bros.

Television Cast

Damey Wayne Orlando Brown
Monique  James Altuner
Roz  T'Keyah Crystal Keymah
Shavonne  T'Keyah Crystal Keymah
Mo' Money Jr  Jamil Smith
Blue  Marlon Wayans
Toof  Shawn Wayans
Tripod  Frank Welker
Marvin  Tico Wells

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