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Armed only with a collection of handmade puppets, a library of classic cartoons and a healthy imagination, comedian/puppeteer Marc Weiner turned a Sunday morning cable timeslot into the award-winning and side-splitting Weinerville. A former Saturday Night Live regular and standup comedian, Weiner brought a slapstick, punning sense of humor to the Nickelodeon show, populating his fictional town with an array of colorful characters.

In addition to regular puppets like leather jacketed bully Socko, gruff skeletal dinosaur Boney (“Now get outta here!”), ever-quarreling friends Pops and Louie, Snitzel the Parrot and others, Weinerville also featured several half-human/half-puppet stars. With a blast from the “Weinerizer,” ordinary humans got the puppet treatment. Daffy Weinerville mayor Dottie was a regular, but the show also had the occasional “weinerized” guest star—Melissa Joan Hart, John Tesh, Mary Hart, Huey Lewis and more. Other characters on the show included Zip, Professor Phosphate, Baby Jeffrey, Joey Deluxe, Commander Ozone, Cocktail Frank and the Weenies, and the lunatic Captain Bob.

Mixed in with wacky sketches from the Weinerville regulars, the show also featured cartoons from decades past. Batfink, Courageous Cat, Clyde Crashcup, Mr. Magoo and others all graced the Weinerville schedule, introducing a new generation of kids to these animated classics.

After its successful run on Nickelodeon, Weinerville went on a live tour, taking its simple sets and silly gags to kids across the country. Marc Weiner continued to collaborate with Nickelodeon, creating “Wordville With Marc Weiner and Friends,” educational segments that ran between programs on the Nick Jr. lineup.

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7/11/93 - 6/30/97 Nickelodeon

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