The Wuzzles

The Wuzzles

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

The Wuzzles were another band of tiny, adorable creatures with cute names who lived in a magical land. But what set these folks apart from your average Smurf or Monchichi was that each Wuzzle was a mutation of two different animal species. The hybrid menagerie included such synergistic cuties as Bumblelion (Bumblebee + Lion), Eleroo (Elephant + Kangaroo), Butterbear (Butterfly + Bear), and several more. The whole herd lived on the Isle of Wuz and were constantly threatened by invaders, usually humans seeking to capture the small curiosities of nature.

The other distinguishing mark of this Disney series was its keen sense of humor. Scripts often included pop culture references as well as jokes that made fun of the cartoon itself. Comedy legend Stan Freberg lent his voice to the series as the announcer, who loved to let kids know what they had missed during the commercials, even when nothing had happened.

In addition to Freberg, the talented voice cast included Laugh-In regulars Jo Anne Worley and Henry Gibson. Despite the clever premise, The Wuzzles never achieved the lasting power of its cute and cuddly contemporaries like The Smurfs and The Care Bears. After two seasons on two different networks, the show moved into the Disney Channel lineup.


Release History

9/14/85 - 9/6/86 CBS
9/13/86 - 9/5/87 ABC

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Walt Disney Productions

Television Cast

Bumblelion Brian Cummings
Flizard Brian Cummings
Eleroo Henry Gibson
Hoppopotamus Jo Anne Worley
Girafbra Henry Gibson
Mossel Bill Scott
Brat Bill Scott
Rhinokey Alan Oppenheimer
Croc Alan Oppenheimer
Pack-Cat Alan Oppenheimer
Butterbear Kathy Helppie
Mrs. Pedigree Tress MacNeille
Narrator Stan Freberg

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