Wild West C.O.W. Boys of Moo Mesa

Wild West C.O.W. Boys of Moo Mesa

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

One day, a comet fell to the earth and crash-landed out in the prairie. Suddenly, all the desert animals—cows, bulls, pigs, etc.—became mutant creatures with human-like characteristics. Some of these humanoids upheld the law, while others took advantage of it.

The Wild West C.O.W. Boys of Moo Mesa was a Saturday morning cartoon about three bovine lawmen trying to keep justice in the frontier territory of Moo Mesa. The lawbreakers were too much for the regulators of Cow Town—Mayor Bulloney and Sheriff Terribull—to handle by themselves. Helping them out were a group of peacekeepers known as C.O.W. Boys, short for “Code of the West.” Led by bull Marshal Moe Montana, the C.O.W. Boys also included the outspoken Tenderfoot, the strong, silent Dakota Dude and the Cowlorado Kid.

The muscle-bound Marshal and his deputies had their hands full with the two outlaw gangs that plagued the otherwise peaceful town: the Wild Wild Bullies and the Gila Hooligans. Also included in the cast were the prim Miss Lilly, the boisterous Calamity Kate and a slew of other Old West-types (farmers, saloon owners, etc.)

It was a rough job, but the bovine lawmen were up to the task. After doling out animal justice for two seasons, the boys of Moo Mesa decided to hang up their stars and spurs and retire back on the range...literally.

Release History

9/13/92 - 8/27/94 ABC

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TV Studio

Gunther-Wahl, Ruby-Spears, RC Bee, Greengrass, King World

Television Cast

Voices Troy Davidson
Voices Pat Fraley
Voices Bill Farmer
Voices Michael Horse
Voices Neil Ross
Voices Robby Benson
Voices Tim Curry
Voices Michael Gough
Voices Michael Greer
Voices Kath Soucie
Voices Sally Struthers
Voices Russi Taylor
Voices Charlie Adler
Voices Jack Angel
Voices Michael Bell
Voices Corey Burton
Voices Ruth Buzzi
Voices Jodi Carlisle
Voices Jim Cummings
Voices David Doyle
Voices Brad Garrett
Voices Ellen Gerstell
Voices Mark Hamill
Voices Dorian Harewood
Voices Kate Mulgrew
Voices Rob Paulsen
Voices Stu Rosen

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