Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

This 30-minute live-action children's comedy series starred comedians Bo Kaprall, Julie McWhirter, and Charles Fleischer (who later became the voice of Roger Rabbit). Wacko featured a variety of fast-paced sketches, jokes, and musical numbers, geared to even the shortest attention spans (no segment lasted longer than two minutes).

With the help of a supporting cast, the three leads played a hodgepodge of characters both real and fictional. A countdown of the week's top three worst jokes and other vaudeville-style skits were commonplace, and true to the show's "wacko" spirit, even the musical guests were interrupted mid-song for a quick comic bit.

Recurring guests included soul group The Sylvers and the incomparably outlandish Rip Taylor. But despite the top-to-bottom talent involved, the variety show was a dying breed by the late 1970's, and Wacko faced the axe after only one season.

Release History

9/17/77 - 9/3/78 CBS

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TV Studio

Jenson Farlay Pictures

Television Cast

Host/Actor Charles Fleischer
Host/Actor Bo Kaprall
Host/Actor Julie McWhirter
Actor Bob Comfort
Actor Doug Cox
Actor Millicent Crisp
Actor Rick Kelland
The Sylvers Themselves
Rip Taylor Himself

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