Winky Dink and You

Winky Dink and You

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

This well-remembered animated series is considered by many to have been the first interactive children's program. The cartoon segments, which were hosted by Jack Barry, involved the adventures of Winky Dink, a pixie with a star-shaped hairdo. When Winky got into a jam, the kids at home pulled out their "Official Winky Dink Kits," which contained a thin sheet of acetate to be placed over the screen, crayons, and a cloth for cleanup. Under the direction of Jack Barry, the kids would draw various props and escape devices (bridges, rope, etc.) to help their hero out of trouble.

The kits were a sensation—in 1955, sales passed the two million mark—but the show was watched by even more youngsters, many of whom took their crayons and drew directly on their parents' television screens!

Winky's cartoon cohorts included Mysto the Magician, Dusty Dan, Mike McBean, and Winky's dog Woofer, who was often the cause of his master's problems. The show's live-action skits starred Barry and his klutzy sidekick, Mr. Bungle.

In 1969, the show was introduced to a whole new generation when it was revived for syndication with 64 all-new episodes and a new 'kit.'

Release History

10/10/53 - 4/27/57 CBS

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Television Cast

Host Jack Barry
Winky Dink Mae Questal
Woofer Dayton Allen
Mr. Bungle Dayton Allen

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