Wild Thornberrys

Wild Thornberrys

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Every kid has to deal with wild animals and precarious situations in the jungles of contemporary childhood. Eliza Thornberry, on the other hand, actually fought her battles in the wild animal habitats of the world, where she befriended baby elephants and dangerous rhinoceroses.

Eliza was the star of Wild Thornberrys, a half-hour, animated program about an eccentric family who travelled the world in their double-decker commvee, shooting a documentary show about wildlife. Eliza's parents, Nigel and Marianne, tried to film the activities of the wild animals in places as diverse as Africa, Australia, and the Galapagos Islands. Eliza, meanwhile, discovered that she was able to verbally communicate with the animals!

With this newfound skill, Eliza and siblings Donnie and Debbie found ways both to help the animals and to survive their fantastically wild adventures. Along with the human family, Darwin, the wise monkey, assisted Eliza in her travails through the animal kingdom.

In addition to Eliza's entertaining adventures, Wild Thornberrys presented an educational angle in every episode, teaching its young audience about the diversity of the wild creatures of the world. The show wove detailed information about animals such as dolphins, tapirs, and kangaroos. Not only did the audience learn about the animals, they were exposed to the way different cultures lived in the various corners of the world.

From Klasky-Csupo Inc., the creators of fellow Nickelodeon hit Rugrats, Wild Thornberrys provided a fun, yet, substantive representation of kids and their capabilities. With its whimsical animation and humorous storylines, Wild Thornberrys continues to air new episodes on the kids' network, still taking kids on a wild ride to the four corners of the world.

Release History

1998 Nickelodeon

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Television Cast

Eliza Lacey Chabert
Marianne  Jodi Carlisle
Nigel  Tim Curry
Donnie Flea
Debbie Danielle Harris
Tom Kane Darwin

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