Wolf Rock TV

Wolf Rock TV

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Born with a face for cartoons, deejay icon Wolfman Jack stretched himself into two dimensions to portray a mentor to three teens—Sarah, Sunny, and Ricardo—and a bird named Bopper in this short-lived show.

The Wolfman, who built his reputation in the 50's and 60's for playing banned songs over Mexican border radio stations, had slowly become more mainstream, especially with his cameo in the 1973 movie American Graffiti. Now, he was a cartoon station manager, overseeing the three kids as they ran a rock TV show featuring real live-action videos. Although the kids dug the super keen Wolfman, the station manager, Mr. Morris, was not exactly a fan.

The show, a Dick Clark production, also featured a segment known as “Wolf Rock News,” as well as “The Rock ‘n’ Roll Museum,” where live-action interviews took place.

In 1989, under the title Wolf Rock Power Hour, the show ran in syndication with the similarly themed Kidd Video.

Release History

9/08/84 - 9/30/84 ABC

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Television Cast

Wolfman Jack Wolfman Jack
Mr. Morris Jason Bernard
Sunny Siu Ming Carson
Ricky Robert Vega
Sara Noelle North
Bopper Frank Welker

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