Widget, the World Watcher

Widget, the World Watcher

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Mother Earth got a new protector in 1990 with the arrival of Widget, the World Watcher. Widget, a small pink alien, had been sent from his planet to ours to serve as a “world watcher,” guarding us against ecological damage and general bad behavior.

Widget’s dinky, flying form may not have looked imposing, but the little fella could hold his own in a jam. His wee body could change size and shape into any form he wanted it to, and he could also call upon the vast knowledge of his robot companion Mega Brain—a floating, disembodied head and pair of hands. Also along for the adventure was Widget’s cousin, Half-Pint.

Arriving on earth, Widget found new friends in human siblings Brian, Kristine, and Kevin, who learned important environmental lessons along with the kids at home. If things were relatively quiet on earth, Widget skipped over to other planets in need of his help.

Widget, the World Watcher debuted as a syndicated weekend series, but after one season, the show was popular enough to move into daily rotation. Its weekend spot was taken by another Zodiac/Calico production, Mr. Bogus.

Release History

1990 syndicated

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Kroyer Films, Zodiac Entertainment, Calico Creations

Television Cast

Widget Russi Taylor
Mega Brain Jim Cummings
Brian Kath Soucie
Kristine Kath Soucie
Kevin Dana Hill
Elder #1 Jim Cummings
Elder #2 Tress MacNeille

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