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Kenan & Kel

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“Aww, here it goes!”

Kel Kimble was a pretty normal suburban kid who really liked orange soda. Put him together with his grocery store worker buddy Kenan Rockmore, however, and you had Kenan & Kel, two best friends who were always "schemin’ and dreamin’" their way into trouble.

Young comedians Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell portrayed fictionalized versions of themselves in the popular Nickelodeon sitcom Kenan & Kel. Kenan was a born schemer, hatching plans to climb the Sears Tower, open his own underage dance club (in a grocery store, no less), hire fake parents to meet the principal, and many, many more. Kel wasn't much more sensible, and his zany antics often got on the nerves of Kenan's parents, Roger and Sheryl. The pair almost always had good intentions, however, and the one thing that kept everything together was their solid friendship.

The two teen comedians met while performing on Nickelodeon’s sketch comedy series for teens, All That, in which they proved to have a great talent for improvisation and an affinity for each other as performers. On Kenan & Kel, the antics of the two best friends were just as successful, running four full seasons of new episodes on the Nickelodeon lineup.

In 1997, Kenan and Kel starred in a motion picture called Good Burger, based on characters from an All That sketch. The two continue to work both together and separately in films and on television, keeping the laughs coming for their legion of fans.

Release History

8/17/96 - 1999 Nickelodeon

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Kenan Rockmore   Kenan Thompson
Kel Kimble   Kel Mitchell
Roger Rockmore  Ken Foree
Sheryl Rockmore   Teal Marchande
Chris Potter  Dan Frischman
Kyra Rockmore Vanessa Baden

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