The Kid Super Power Hour With Shazam

The Kid Super Power Hour With Shazam

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Something old, something new, something live, something 'toon. The Kid Super Power Hour With Shazam had something for everyone, or at least everyone who liked superhero shows, wacky teens, and/or rock bands.

The "old" came in the form of Shazam!, which starred Fawcett Publications hero Captain Marvel, whose comic origins stretched back to 1939. Captain Marvel was the alter ego of young orphan Billy Batson, who could call down the powers of Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury by shouting, "Shazam!" The caped hero had already appeared in Republic movie serials and in two other Saturday morning series, an earlier Shazam! and The Shazam/Isis Hour.

This version of Shazam! stayed true to its comic roots. Working with the hero were his twin sister, Mary Batson, who could "Shazam!" herself into Mary Marvel; orphaned, physically challenged newsie Freddie Freeman, who became Captain Marvel, Jr.; and Tawky Tawny, a talking tiger in a business suit. The heroes did weekly battle against such noteworthy nasties as Dr. Sivana and Mr. Mind.

The "new" was represented by Hero High, a segment showcasing the comic pitfalls of superhero teens attending a high school designed just for them. Good teens Captain California, Gorgeous Gal, Weatherman, and Misty Magic squared off against the rotten Rex Ruthless, Dirty Trixie, and Punk Rock.

The "live" came from the live-action wraparounds, which featured the stars of Hero High as a seven-member rock band. The kids performed comedy skits with Laugh-In-style jokes, then cut loose with a musical number. The odd combination lasted only one season, after which the two superhero camps made an amicable split.

Release History

9/12/81 - 9/11/82 NBC

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Television Cast

Captain California Christopher Hensel
Gorgeous Gal Becky Perle
Dirty Trixie Maylo McCaslin
Misty Magic Jere Fields
Rex Ruthless John Berwick
Weatherman Jim Greenleaf
Punk Rock Johhny Venocour
Billy Batson Burr Middleton
Shazam Burr Middleton
Mary Freeman Erika Scheimer
Mary Marvel Erika Scheimer
Freddy Freeman Barry Gordon
Captain Marvel Jr.* Barry Gordon
Uncle Dudley Batson Alan Oppenheimer
Tawky Tawny Alan Oppenheimer
Narrator Norm Prescott

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