Kid 'n' Play

Kid 'n' Play

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Fresh off their hit feature film House Party, hip-hop superstars Kid (the one with the foot-high hairdo) and Play (the one without the foot-high hairdo) became cartoon characters on NBC’s Kid ‘n’ Play. The R-rated comedy of the film was obviously toned down for the Saturday morning series, which played up the two rappers’ goofy comic personas.

On the show, Kid ‘n’ Play were regressed to teens, but their recording careers remained intact. The two were managed by goofball Hurbie, and the rest of their entourage included Kid’s kid sister Terry and backup dancers Lela, Marika (Play’s sister), and Downtown Patty. The group’s arch rivals were a pair of jealous wannabes named Acorn and Pitbull, who showed their frustration by sabotaging Kid ‘n’ Play’s act. Naturally, the two stars gave as good as they got.

The real Kid ‘n’ Play appeared in live-action wraparounds, but voice actors (including a relatively unknown Martin Lawrence) took over for the animated segments. The show stressed positive role models, teaching kids how to get along and stay out of trouble.

Unfortunately, Kid ‘n’ Play had the poor luck of airing opposite the megahit cartoons Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Beetlejuice. The show lasted only 13 original episodes before its live-action stars returned to more lucrative film careers.

Release History

9/8/90 - 9/7/91 NBC

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TV Studio

Marvel, Saban, Chris Cross Inc., Gordy de Passe, Motown

Television Cast

Kid (Christopher Reid) Himself
Play (Christopher Martin) Himself
Kid (animated) Christopher Hooks
Play (animated) Brian Mitchell
Hurbie Martin Lawrence
Lela Dawn Lewis
Marika Cree Summer Francks
Downtown Patty Cree Summer Francks
Acorn Tommy Davidson
Pitbull J.D. Hall
B.B.* Rain Pryor
Wiz Martin Lawrence
Hairy Danny Mann
Jazzy Tommy Davidson
Old Blue Dorian Harewood

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