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Beginning as a prime time special on NBC before nestling into its Saturday morning slot, Kissyfur told the story of Gus and Kissyfur, a pair of father and son bears who had joined the circus as a performing act. Shortly after the death of Kissyfur’s mom, the two had sought solace in the circus life, but soon, they hoped to find a more permanent existence.

While traveling to another town, the circus train derailed, and the two seized the opportunity to escape. They arrived in the swampy Paddlecab village, and upon finding a friendly bunny, porcupine, beaver, and pig, the Bears knew that they were home.

Life was good, although Kissyfur did have to endure constant ribbing by the hog, Lennie, who teasingly called him "Sissyface" (devastating words for an 8-year-old). Meanwhile, Gus spent his time operating the Paddlecab ferry and courting the children's teacher, Miss Emmy Lou.

The main threat to peaceful life in Paddlecab were two alligators, Floyd and Jolene, who lived in a nearby swamp and occasionally liked to cause trouble.

A modest success on NBC's schedule, Kissyfur experienced a mid-run hibernation when the network cancelled the series in '87, then brought it back the following year.

Release History

09/13/86 - 08/25/90 NBC

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Television Cast

Kissyfur (1986-87) R.J. Williams
Kissyfur (1987-88) Max Meir
Gus Edmund Gilbert
Beehonie Russi Taylor
Miss Emmy Lou Russi Taylor
Toot (1987-88) Russi Taylor
Lennie Lennie Weinrib
Charles Warthog Lennie Weinrib
Stuckey Stuart M. Rosen
Floyd Stuart M. Rosen
Duane Neil Ross
Toot (1986-87) Devon Feldman
Jolene Terrence McGovern
Uncle Shelby Frank Welker

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