The King Features Trilogy

The King Features Trilogy

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

With the success of the animated Popeye in 1960, the newspaper syndicate that owned the comic strip decided to animate some of their other popular characters under the blanket title The King Features Trilogy.

The first was Beetle Bailey, the half-asleep soldier who only kept his eyes open for work, and only so he could avoid it. Beetle's main foil at Camp Swampy was Sgt. Orville Snorkel, a tough regular army man who was often bested by Beetle. The commanding officer on the quiet base was the lisping Gen. Halftrack, who concerned himself more with his golf game than with his troops.

The second segment, Snuffy Smith, was about a loveable Hillbilly, who hated people invading his property and loved Moonsine. His second love was his rarely appreciated wife Loweezy. Snuffy's city cousin, Barney Google, sometimes made guest appearances.

Lastly, Krazy Kat was a bizarre cartoon starring the oddly drawn feline of the title. Krazy lived in Kokonimo Kounty and was in love with a sociopathic mouse named Ignatz. What Krazy saw in this dangerous brick-throwing rodent was never explained, much like the attraction of policedog Offisa Pup to Krazy. This part of the show really needs to be seen to be believed.

For viewers who enjoyed these characters in the "funny papers," these cartoons were quite a treat. Unfortunatley, by the time the series was released in wide syndication in the late 60's, few papers carried the strips, and The King Features Trilogy retreated to comic form.

Release History

1963 syndicated

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

King Features

Television Cast

Beetle Bailey Howard Morris
Sgt. Snorkel Allen Melvin
General Halftrack Howard Morris
Snuffy Smith Paul Frees
Loweezy Penny Philips
Barney Google Paul Frees
Krazy Kat Penny Philips
Ignatz Mouse Paul Frees
Offisa Pup Paul Frees

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