Kidd Video

Kidd Video

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

"Aye-yi-yi, we look like...cartoons!"

One of the earliest Saturday morning shows to catch the swelling MTV wave, Kidd Video mixed pop music with comic adventure and live action with animation, concocting a rocking hit for NBC.

The opening credits explained the peculiar predicament of Kidd Video. Heading up a rock and roll band with pals Whiz, Ash and Carla, Kidd ("KV" to his friends) was sucked over to the cartoon "Flipside" by the power-hungry Master Blaster. But the Blaster was no Wicked Witch; he was a businessman. Master Blaster had his eye on Kidd Video's hitmaking sound, and the crooked man had dispatched his own band, the Copy Cats—composed of real cats Fat Cat, She Cat and Cool Kitty—to steal KV's groove.

Luckily for Kidd and the gang, the Flipside also had a few helpful faces, including the magical Glitter, who volunteered to help KV and friends return to the human world. Thus, the elements were in place for a weekly adventure series. But this was only half the draw of Kidd Video.

The rest of the show's power came from weekly MTV-influenced segments wherein Top 40 hits were set to animated music videos. Sometimes the montages were worked into the plot (e.g. - the teens were instructed to "rock down to Electric Avenue" and then take it higher, to the top floor of a high-rise building); other videos needed no excuse to showcase the works of Duran Duran, Madonna and other 80's superstars.

Kidd Video ran for three seasons on NBC before bouncing over to CBS in reruns. In 1989, the show was revived as half of the syndicated Wolf Rock Power Hour, with fellow rock-and-roll cartoon Wolf Rock TV. The episodes were again repeats, but new music videos were added.

"From my video, to my radio..."

Release History

9/15/84 - 12/26/87 NBC, CBS
1989 syndicated

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TV Studio


Television Cast

Kidd Video Bryan Scott
Carla Gabrielle Bennett
Glitter Cathy Cavadini
Ash Steve Alterman
Whiz Robbie Rist
Master Blaster Peter Renaday
Fat Cat Marshall Efron
She Lion Susan Silo
Cool Kitty Robert Towers

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