The Krofft Supershow

The Krofft Supershow

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

The Krofft Supershow was a live-action adventure/musical variety series produced by Sid and Marty Krofft.

Hosted by the made-for-TV rock group Kaptain Kool and the Kongs, the show featured live-action adventure segments such as Electrawoman and Dynagirl, two female reporters with superpowers; Wonderbug, about a talking car; Dr. Shrinker, "an evil man with an evil mind" who shrank teens B.J., Brad, and Gordie to miniature proportions; and reruns of The Lost Saucer.

For the 1977-78 season, Wonderbug was dropped, and two new segments were added: inept genie Magic Mongo and Bigfoot and Wildboy, whose concept is self-explanatory.

In 1978 the show moved to NBC, and the Bay City Rollers joined as the new hosts. In honor of its new stars, the show was retitled The Bay City Rollers Show, but even hunky Scottish pop stars weren't enough to buoy up the program's poor ratings. After only four months on its new network, the show was cancelled.

Release History

9/11/76 - 9/2/78 ABC

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TV Studio


Television Cast

Kaptain Kool Michael Lembeck
Superchick Debbie Clinger
Turkey Mickey McMell
Nashvile Louise Duart
Flatbush Bert Sommer
Wonderbug voice Frank Welker
Bobby Buntrock David Levy
Susan Carol Anne Seflinger
C.C.* John Anthony Bailey
Dr. Shrinker Jay Robinson
Hugo Billy Barty
Brad Ted Eccles
B.J.* Susan Lawrence
Gordie Jeff McKay
Lori/Electra Woman Deidre Hall
Judy/Dyna Girl Judy Strangis
Professor Frank Heflin Norman Alden
Magic Mongo Lennie Weinrib
Donald Connelly Paul Hinckley
Lorraine Helaine Lembeck
Kristy Robin Dearden

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