Kids Incorporated

Kids Incorporated

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

"All around the nation. Whoa! See the new sensation!
Have you heard, have you heard, have you heard?
Kids Incorporated, K-I-D-S!"

What do you do when your friend only likes Shakespeare, but you want to listen to rock music? How do you turn a leprechaun into a rock 'n' roll star? Kids Incorporated dealt with these and other preteen problems by singing and dancing their way through Top 40 hits of the sixties, seventies and especially the eighties.

Kids Incorporated was a pre-teen cover band at the local ice-cream parlor, The P*lace, run by a local soda jerk named Mike. The group included a varying five member band and five dancers. Between covering pop-infused renditions of everything from Elvis Presley tunes to “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” Kids Incorporated tackled a variety of often relevant adolescent themes—friendship, courage, and other basic moral values.

Life lessons aside, most episodes were simply out to entertain, combining comedy with often elaborate musical numbers. A prime example was the pilot episode, "The Beginning," which told the story of the band's first gig at The P*lace. Kids Incorporated, the best band in town, won a contest to be the house band. A power struggle ensued between the group's leader, Mickey, and the new girl, Gloria. And if you think this is just an excuse to cover the Tony Basil song "Mickey" and the Laura Branigan anthem "Gloria," you're right. The rest of the group included Renee, Stacy, and The Kid. (FYI - Gloria won the power struggle, becoming the group's lead singer).

The show premiered in syndication in 1983 and was later picked up by the Disney Channel in 1986. The stars ranged in age from ten to seventeen, and since the show ran for several seasons, turnover was common. As new youngsters were brought in, several Kids Incorporated graduates went on to greater stardom. Among the more well-known alumni were original cast members Jennifer Love Hewitt and 80's pop sensation Martika.

Release History

1983 - 1993 syndicated

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Lynch Entertainment

Television Cast

Eric Eric Balfour
Charlie  Charlie Brady
Nicole  Nicole Brown
Dena  Dena Burton
Jared  Jared Delgin
Riley  Moosie Drier
Trevor  Tyler DuMoulin
Stacy   Stacy Fergusson
Kenny  Kenny Ford Jr.
Anthony  Anthony Harrell
Robin  Jennifer Love Hewitt
Ana  Anastasia Horne
Haylie Haylie Johnson
Ryan  Ryan Lambert
Connie  Connie Lew
Gloria  Martika
Tara  Tara Lynn Nelson
Flip  Sean O'Riordan
The Kid  Rahsaan Patterson
Devyn  Devyn Puett
Renee  Renee Sands
Mickey  Jerry Sharell
Richie  Richard Shoff
Billy/Bobby Scott Wolf
Dancer  Charon Aldredge
Dancer  Ken Arata
Dancer  Andrew Baio
Dancer  Wendy Brainard
Dancer  Dee Caspary
Dancer  Joseph Conrad
Dancer  Nicole Cropper
Dancer  Kimberly Duncan
Dancer  Brian Friedman
Dancer  Andre Fuentes
Dancer  Aaron Hamilton
Dancer Jennifer King
Dancer  Leilani Lagmay
Dancer  Darren Lee
Dancer  Tony Perrin
Dancer  Brian Poth
Dancer  Carletta Price
Dancer/Drummer Mario Lopez
Dancer  Danielle Marcus-Janssen
Dancer  Challyn Markray
Dancer  Tiffany Robbins
Dancer  Shanice Wilson
Dancer  Cory Tyler
Dancer  Gina Vinaccia
Dancer  Andrea Paige Wilson

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