Kimba the White Lion

Kimba the White Lion

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

"Who's the king of deepest darkest Africa? (Africa!)
Who's the one who brought the jungle fame?
Who believes in doing good and doing right?
Kimba the White Lion is his name!"

The King of the African jungle, Caesar Lion, was ruthlessly murdered. His queen, Snoweene Lion, was trapped by hunters and taken on a zoo-bound ship. All looked dark for the Lion family, but there was one small, white ray of hope. His name? Kimba.

The young lion cub, only son of Caesar and Snoweene, was also captured by hunters and sent on his mother's voyage to slavery, but the young one escaped. Bestowed with human intelligence from an ancient wisdom formula, Kimba returned to the jungle to rule the animals in a Utopian society where animal instincts were moderated with wise decisions.

Each episode of Kimba the White Lion showed Kimba and his animal friends involved in adventures through the jungle, escaping would-be predators. Among Kimba's chums were Dan'l Baboon, Bucky Deer and Kitty, Kimba's girlfriend.

Kimba the White Lion was created for Mushi Productions by Japanese animator Osamu Tezuka, who also created Astroboy. Like that program, Kimba came into U.S. syndication in the 1960's, where it helped launch a wave of Japanese imports. Fifty-two episodes were made in Japan under the original title, The Jungle Emperor.

"When you get in trouble and you're in a fight,
Who's the one who just won't turn and run?
Who's the King of Animals in Africa?
Kimba the White Lion is the one!"

Release History

1966 - 1969 syndicated

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Mushi Productions 

Television Cast

Kimba  Billie Lou Watt

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