The Kwicky Koala Show

The Kwicky Koala Show

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Cartoon pioneer Tex Avery was lured out of retirement in 1979 to create a new cartoon for old colleagues William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. Avery’s dream was a return to the unbridled zaniness of his earlier MGM work. His creation was Quicky (later renamed Kwicky) Koala, a zippy little Aussie marsupial who could teleport out of harm’s way. Unfortunately, Avery died before his final creation could be launched. The Kwicky Koala Show premiered in 1981, a year after Avery’s death, with four weekly segments:

Kwicky Koala followed the eucalyptus-eating title creature as he eluded the pursuit of Wilfred Wolf.

Crazy Claws was a wildcat with Groucho Marx voice and eyebrows. Skunk-capped Rawhide Clyde and his wicked mutt Bristletooth tried to catch Crazy Claws, who escaped from trouble with a combination of razor-sharp claws and insulting banter. Wimpy Ranger Rangerfield pursued Clyde and Bristletooth, with no more success than they had catching Crazy Claws.

Dirty Dawg and his chum Ratso lived in a city garbage dump, fighting the man (in the form of police officer Bullhorn) while trying to get a meal.

The Bungle Brothers was actually a series of one-minute fillers between the other three segments. The Brothers, George and John, were a pair of beagles who desperately wanted to be stars. Their ill-fated shots at fame always failed spectacularly.

Without Avery's guiding hand, the show lasted only one season on CBS, a final tribute to one of animation's great talents.

Release History

9/12/81 - 9/11/82 CBS

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Television Cast

Kwicky Koala Robert Allan Ogle
Wilfred Wolf John Stephenson
Crazy Claws Jim MacGeorge
Rawhide Clyde Robert Allan Ogle
Bristletooth Peter Cullen
Ranger Rangerfield Michael Bell
Dirty Dawg Frank Welker
Ratso Marshall Efron
Bullhorn Matthew Faison
George Bungle Michael Bell
Joey Bungle Allan Melvin

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