The Kids From C.A.P.E.R.

The Kids From C.A.P.E.R.

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

"We're the Kids, we're the Kids, we're the Kids from C.A.P.E.R.
We'll race to your place, on the case, every time.
We're the Kids, we're the Kids, we're the Kids from C.A.P.E.R.
Four in a war, evermore, against crime."

Imagine a cross between The Monkees and 21 Jumpstreet and you'll just about have the essence of the zany teen detective show The Kids From C.A.P.E.R. Monkees record producer Don Kirshner was a co-producer on the show, and he brought in singer/songwriter Ron Dante (frontman for the animated group The Archies) to write and sing the show's catchy theme.

The Civilian Authority for the Protection of Everybody, Regardless, consisted of five hunky teens—P.T., the leader, who sniffed out clues; Doomsday, the shy and quiet one, who possessed the Dolittle-like ability to talk to animals; Doc, the handsome brains of the operation; and Bugs, the really kooky one, whose super strength would go haywire when he heard the word, "bananas."

Reporting to Chief Vinton of the 927th Precinct, the boys chased crime (and girls) in their hot-dog-topped van, the Big Bologna (remember when it was blue?). But the real mentor of the operation was a shark (puppet) named Mr. Featherstone, who lived in a fish tank in the Big Bologna. Always on the Kids' tail was reporter Klintsinger, a mama's boy who wanted an exclusive. The teen sleuths operated out of the Krevlin Building, the world's tallest building without elevators. Every episode featured a hopeful top 40 single, several of which appeared on a Kids from C.A.P.E.R. compilation album.

Clearly, this was no junior version of Hill Street Blues, but with catchy songs, silly adventures, and a weekly secret code, The Kids From C.A.P.E.R. inspired a loyal fan following. Tragically, the youngsters' dreams were crushed when NBC put the show on hiatus after only two months, then cancelled it after a brief comeback the following summer.

Release History

9/11/76 - 9/3/77 NBC

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TV Studio

Don Kirschner & Alan Landsburg

Television Cast

P.T.* Steve Bonimo
Bugs Cosie Costa
Doc John Lansing
Doomsday Biff Warren
Chief Vinton Robert Emhardt
Klintsinger Robert Lussier

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