Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

“Freak out!”

His skin was blue, his eyes were black, his tights were red, and his hair looked like it was lifted off of Pepe Le Pew. He was Freakazoid!, the star of his own self-titled, Steven Spielberg-produced cartoon show.

Similar to Earthworm Jim and The Tick in theme and offbeat content, Freakazoid! was another in a long line of quirky cartoon superheroes. But despite the familiar territory, this half-hour program was original and fresh in its own twisted way.

Washington D.C.-based teenager Dexter Douglas was an agreeable, soft-spoken young man who was obsessed with technology. After accidentally getting sucked into his computer, Dexter absorbed all the information available in cyberspace. He also developed super strength, super speed, and a super need to fight evil. With the cry, “Freak out!,” all of these elements combined to turn Dexter from a shy computer geek to a goofy, unpredictable, pop culture-spewing “Freakazoid!”

The goofball hero was aided in his fight against the bad guys by his friend Stephanie and his advisor, Sgt. Cosgrove of the D.C. police force. Together, the three battled villains such as Arms Akimbo and the Lobe.

What made Freakazoid! most entertaining was the smart and witty writing, chock full of references to low-budget sci-fi flicks, lost TV shows, and other staples of popular culture both obvious and obscure. These were staples of fellow Spielberg productions Tiny Toon Adventures and Animaniacs, but alas, Freakazoid! was unable to replicate those shows' success. Airing as part of a fledgling Kids' WB Saturday morning lineup, the show ran only 24 original episodes before low ratings spelled its untimely demise.

Release History

9/9/95 - 11/29/96 WB

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Amblin Entertainment, Warner Brothers

Television Cast

Freakazoid Paul Rugg
Narrator Joe Leahy
Professor Jones Jonathan Harris
Sgt. Mike Cosgrove Edward Asner
Dexter Douglas David Kaufman
Debbie Douglas Tress MacNeille
Douglas Douglas John P. McCann
Duncan Douglas Googy Gress
Cobra Queen Tress MacNeille
Steph Tracy Rowe
The Lobe David Warner
Lord Bravery Jeff Bennett
Cave Guy  Jeff Bennett
Candle Jack  Jeff Bennett
The Huntsman  Jeff Bennett
Fan Boy Stephen Furst
Armondo Guitierrez Ricardo Montalban
Roddy McStew Craig Ferguson
Longhorn Maurice LaMarche

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