The Flintstone Kids

The Flintstone Kids

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

“Yabba-dab, yabba-dab, yabba-dabba-doo,
We are the Flintstone Kids…”

In the wake of age-regression successes like Muppet Babies, Hanna-Barbera sent one of its most beloved properties even further back into the Stone Age. The Flintstone Kids cast “Freddy,” Barney, Wilma, and Betty as 10-year-olds, while pet dinosaur Dino was a mere pup.

Also knocked down to junior size was Fred’s future boss, Nate Slate. The show also added several new characters to the Flintstones pantheon: Ed and Edna Flintstone (Freddy’s parents), Robert Rubble (Barney’s dad), bully Rocky Ratrock, prehistoric prima donna Dreamchip Gemstone, and junior detective Philo Quartz.

The kids’ Stone Age shenanigans were balanced out by three supporting segments. Dino’s Dilemma gave the purple pet his first starring role, showing home viewers the world from a dino-dog’s eye view. The Flintstone Funnies gave the kids the Muppet Babies-like ability to live out their dreams in fantasy adventures.

The final segment, Captain Caveman and Son, was actually a show-within-a-show, the cartoon of choice for the young citizens of Bedrock. Captain Caveman and Cavey Jr. were a pair of hairy, bumbling superheroes who occasionally took a break from saving the world in order to talk directly to (and with) the Flintstone Kids themselves.

The Flintstone Kids ran for two seasons on ABC’s Saturday morning lineup. Near the end of that run, the cartoon kids were joined by a live-action Nancy Reagan for the nighttime broadcast of The Flintstone Kids “Just Say No” Special, in which the First Lady urged children to join her “Just Say No” anti-drug clubs. The series returned briefly to Saturday morning at the start of 1990 before being put into the rotation of the syndicated package The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera.

The Bedrock Flintstone Kids!”

Release History

09/13/86 - 05/26/90 ABC

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TV Studio


Television Cast

Freddy Flintstone Lennie Weinrib (1986-87)
Freddy Flintstone Scott Menville (1987-90)
Barney Rubble Hamilton Camp
Wilma Flintstone Julie Dees (1986-87)
Wilma Flintstone Elizabeth Lyn Fraser (1987-90)
Betty Rubble B.J. Ward
Cragmire Hamilton Camp
Flab Slab Hamilton Camp
Miss Rockbottom B.J. Ward
Ed Flintstone Henry Corden
Edna Flintstone Henry Corden
Robert Rubble Mel Blanc
Dino the Dinosaur Mel Blanc (1986-88)
Dino the Dinosaur Frank Welker (1988-90)
Nate Slate Frank Welker
Captain Caveman Mel Blanc
Rocky Ratrock Marilyn Scheffler
Dreamchip Gemstone Susan Blu
Cavey Jr.* Charles Adler
Philo Quartz Bumper Robinson
Narrator Kenneth Mars

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