Far Out Space

Far Out Space

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

A show that could have been called Gilligan in Space, this 70’s live-action sci-fi spoof from Sid and Marty Krofft starred Gilligan himself (Bob Denver) as Junior, an incompetent NASA dockworker who made a really big mistake. One day, while he and co-worker Barney (Chuck McCann) were loading food onto a rocket set for outer space, Junior thought he heard Barney say “launch,” so he pressed a button that did just that. Never mind the fact that Barney really said “lunch”; even if Barney HAD said “launch,” Junior apparently believed that his fellow dockworker had the authority to give that sort of move the go-ahead. Gillligaaaan!!!!!

As our intrepid duo sailed through space, they realized that this would be much more than a three-hour tour. After landing on an unidentified planet, the guys were befriended by an indigenous creature that resembled a shaggy white dog with a horn for a snout, which Junior creatively named “Honk.”

The shows usually dealt with the pair trying to get back to Earth, a task which seemed to concern Barney much more than Junior. In one episode, through some odd twist of fate, Junior received the power to wish for anything he wanted in the world. After careful consideration, he wished for a pie, then hit Barney in the face with it.

The show had an original run of only one season. In the last episode, the guys finally got back to Earth - only to have Junior send them right back into outer space. Gillligaaaan!!!!!

The show was switched to Sundays for one more season of repeats in 1976.

Release History

9/6/75 - 9/4/76 CBS

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Junior Bob Denver
Barney Chuck McCann
Honk Patty Maloney

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