The Further Adventures of Superted

The Further Adventures of Superted

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

The Further Adventures of Superted was a continuation to a popular Welsh cartoon from the early 1980's. The title character was a poorly put together teddy bear who became the best bud and partner-in-crimefighting of Spottyman, so named because he hailed from the planet Spot and had several green polka dots covering his yellow body.

Spottyman took Ted to Mother Nature, who endowed the cub with super powers and a costume, giving Ted the ability to fly, fight crime, and bring adorable justice to everyone. In every episode, Spottyman and Superted battled villains such as Texas Pete and the Skeleton, sometimes with the aid of Spottyman’s sister Blotch or Speckle the Hoparoo.

The series captured the charm of the original version, with nonsensical plot lines and ridiculous characters, but this Superted was clearly an All-American hero. The show poked fun at all aspects of American culture, from the Grand Ol' Opry to Star Wars.

Premiering on The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera in 1989, The Further Adventures of Superted lasted only 13 episodes, but Ted's cuddly brand of heroics continued to win over young fans in syndication into the 1990's.

Release History

1989 syndicated

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Hanna-Barbera, Telin

TV Cast

Superted Danny Cooksey
Spottyman Pat Fraley
Voices Charlie Adler
Voices George Ball
Voices Earl Boen
Voices Hamilton Camp
Voices Philip Clarke
Voices Peter Cullen
Voices Bernard Erhard
Voices Jerry Houser
Voices Georgi Irene
Voices Marvin Kaplan
Voices Brian Mitchell
Voices Pat Musick
Voices B.J. Ward
Voices Frank Welker

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