The Fabulous Funnies

The Fabulous Funnies

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

The newspaper comics page came to life with the premiere of this series in 1978. The Fabulous Funnies featured a mish-mash of characters, some more well-known than others.

Perhaps the more famous at the time was Alley Oop, a caveman who debuted in comic strip form in 1933 and was immortalized in a self-titled 60's novelty song. Oop, with his romantic interest Ooola, lived under the rule of King Guz in the Kingdom of Moo. The show was hosted by Oop's sidekick, Foozy. Other series regulars included Nancy, a young girl who, along with her pal Sluggo, came to the comics in 1940; The Katzenjammer Kids (Fritz and Hans), who started causing trouble for Der Captain Katzenjammer way back in 1897; and Broom Hilda, a 1,500-year-old witch who couldn’t control her powers very well. Broom Hilda was a relative newcomer to the comic strip universe, having debuted in 1970.

This show attempted to be educational, addressing kid-friendly topics like safety and health care. Despite its popular characters and prosocial message, the show ran only one season.

Release History

9/9/78 - 9/8/79 NBC

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TV Studio


Television Cast

Alley Oop Bob Holt
Ooola June Foray
King Guz Alan Oppenheimer
Foozy Robert Holt
Nancy Jayne Hamil
Sluggo June Foray
Emmy Lou Jayne Hamil
Fritz Katzenjammer June Foray
Hans Katzenjammer June Foray
Der Captain Katzenjammer Bob Holt
Broom Hilda June Foray
Gaylord Robert Holt
Irwin Alan Oppenheimer
Grelber Alan Oppenheimer

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