Funny Boners

Funny Boners

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Humiliating youngsters from across the country, Funny Boners was a children’s version of the nighttime game show Truth or Consequences, both of which were developed by executive producer Ralph Edwards.

The show was hosted by ventriloquist Jimmy Weldon and his dummies Webster Webfoot, a bragging duck, and Easy Marvin. If a contestant answered a question incorrectly, he or she would have to pay the consequences by performing an embarrassing stunt.

Funny Boners lasted less than a year on NBC's Saturday morning schedule, but the kids' game show/stunt competition idea was revived in later decades on shows like Nickelodeon's Double Dare.

Release History

11/27/54 - 7/9/55 NBC

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Television Cast

Jimmy Weldon Himself
Webster Webfoot Jimmy Weldon
Easy Marvin Jimmy Weldon

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