Frankenstein Jr. and the Impossibles

Frankenstein Jr. and the Impossibles

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Bearing little resemblance to the Mary Shelly character or his creation, Frankenstein Jr. was a friendly thirty-foot robot. Invented by Buzz Conroy, the son of a scientist, Frank Jr. fought off such enemies as the Colossal Junk Monster and the Alien Brain from Outer Space. Once activated by Buzz’s ring, the robot could talk, swim, fly, and shoot stun rays. Take that, Boris Karloff!

In a separate segment, The Impossibles were three secret agents who masqueraded as a rock band. Coil Man could bounce and stretch himself anywhere, Fluid Man could turn from solid to liquid, and Multi Man was a human Xerox machine, who could quickly make duplicates of himself (and without ever getting jammed). Somehow, the "rockers" used these intensely specific abilities to combat their foes, including the Fiendish Fiddler and the Diabolical Daubler.

Protesting parents have been around as long as TV itself, and Frankenstein Jr. and the Impossibles was an early casualty. In 1968, the show was forced off the air due to excessive violence. Once the outcry cooled off, the mound of metal could be seen in reruns, in the form of Space Ghost and Frankenstein Jr., on NBC in 1976.

Release History

9/10/66 - 9/7/68 CBS

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Television Cast

Frankenstein Jr.* Ted Cassidy
Buzz Conroy Dick Beals
Dr. Conroy John Stephenson
Coil Man Hal Smith
Fluid Man Paul Frees
Multi Man Don Messick

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