Fraggle Rock (animated)

Fraggle Rock (animated)

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Jim Henson’s muppet creation Fraggle Rock found another life as an animated series for Saturday mornings on network TV.

Using basically the same formula as the HBO original, this Fraggle Rock took place under the house of human being Doc. There, a world of subterranean beings lived in generally peaceful co-existence. The Fraggles were a playful bunch of denizens who lived in communion with the Doozers, a miniature group of beings who liked to build towers (which the Fraggles subsequently ate). Living above ground (but far from the human world) were the Gorgs, a group of giants who wanted to bash the Fraggles' tiny brains.

The animated version also carried on the tradition of original songs, including at least one tune per episode. Unfortunately, the cartoon wasn't able to sustain the enormous popularity that the muppeteered show enjoyed, or that of Henson's other animated series, Muppet Babies. It didn't help that the animated Fraggle Rock was scheduled opposite CBS' Saturday morning dynamo, Pee Wee's Playhouse. Whatever the reason, Fraggle Rock bid a fond farewell after only one season.

Release History

9/12/87 - 9/03/88 NBC

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TV Studio

Jim Henson Productions

Television Cast

Doc John Stephenson
Philo John Stephenson
Gunge John Stephenson
Pa Gorge Pat Pinney
Travelling Matt Pat Pinney
Flange Pat Pinney
Gobo Townsend Coleman
Architect Townsend Coleman
Wrench Townsend Coleman
Red Barbara Goodson
Wingnut Barbara Goodson
Mokey Mona Marshall
Cotterpin Mona Marshall
Ma Gorge Patti Paris
Wembley Bob Bergen
Boober Rob Paulsen
Sprocket Rob Paulsen
The Storyteller Stu Rosen

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